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If you are an avid baseball fan and would like to listen to the World Series on XM radio, there are several things you need to know. There are several different channels you can choose from, including the National broadcast SXM 89, the Braves broadcast SXM 176, and the Astros broadcast SXM 181. If you my xm t have|Minus satellite radio, you can always download the ESPN app on your mobile device. In addition to the MLB and College World Series on Sirius XM, you can also listen to the Men s College World Series on Sirius XM. The xm radio jobs|video games|game titles will be broadcast live on the network, including play-by-play announcing. In addition, Sirius XM also offers ESPNU Radio, which has all the latest college sports talk from some of the best voices in the business. Major League Baseball games are broadcast nationwide on SiriusXM radios, as well as the SiriusXM app. It s important to note, however, that these games require a subscription. Sirius XM is also the exclusive home of MLB Network Radio, which broadcasts live play-by-play of every MLB game, as well as news, talk, and analysis 24/7. This is an amazing deal for fans of MLB.