Sirius XM Lithium Receiver Review

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A homage to the old guard, Sirius XM is giving you a chance to relive the good old days with their revamped music service. For starters, they"re adding a new channel, Lithium. Among the perks, fans will have the opportunity to catch a few ol" time rock and roll acts at their respective best, most, and worst. You can also enjoy their live and interactive programming via your mobile device, thanks to a new app that lets you stream live radio shows and podcasts anywhere you go. Lastly, the company"s latest addition is an exclusive 5 song in-studio session with one of the more notable names in the business. Unlike its predecessor, Lithium is not locked up, and if you are patient enough to wait for the signal to propagate, you"ll have the chance to catch up with some of the hottest musicians in the industry.

Of course, the best way to go is by purchasing a brand new, fully-loaded Sirius XM Lithium receiver. That aforementioned newfangled receiver will have you humming along to some of your favorite tunes in no time. And the good news is, they"re delivering that music for a very reasonable price.